Thursday, July 21, 2011

why hello there

Oh Lord. Too busy. You'd think that by quitting one and a half jobs, I would have more time to do stuff like type on the computer. Not so. This weekend will be my first weekend home in over a month.


Now I can get to stuff like, making Mitch clean out the chicken coop. Or making Mitch mow the lawn. Or making Mitch turn the compost. Get to it!

Anyway, I had this revelation today. Grad school might not actually be worth the money.

Yeah uh-huh. See...when you have to take out like, $25K in student loans, and then you actually have to pay it back, you're in kind of a pickle. Especially if the degree only increases your earning potential by, say, $10K a year or something. You might think, "but it'll only take you 2.5 years to earn it back." You're cute. Taking into account the two years I took off to earn this degree (thereby not earning as much) and interest, it will take a little longer. Not to mention, I have suddenly rendered myself too expensive to do jobs like the one I'm doing now. And then...AND THEN, eventually I'll get promoted with my degree to the point of incompetence and just spent the rest of my adult life looking like a nincompoop (we really need to bring that word back). So, again, what's the point? Oh I can tell people about it at my high school reunion.