Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Open Letter to Steve Chabot

In light of the unbelievably infantile actions of our government, I was urged (indirectly) by a friend to write to my representative, Steve Chabot. So I did. I did a little research first, and discovered that he had signed a letter in support of repealing the Affordable Care Act, about which I feel poorly. Anyway, I rarely get political on this blog, or on any social media for that matter, but this calls for opinions. This calls for voices and actions. I wrote to my representative, and I will be voting based on his actions during and after this crisis. We are all victims of their collective temper tantrum, no matter your party affiliation. Had I more time and less anger, I might have written something with more numbers or better sentence structure or fancier words, but these are my feelings.

"Hey Steve. I did not vote for you, but that's neither here nor there. You're my representative, and I believe in supporting our elected officials whether I voted for them or not. But on August 21, you signed a letter stating your support for repealing the Affordable Care Act, opening with "the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act...remains broadly unpopular across America," which happens to be total and utter bullshit. I don't know who does your polling, but you're clearly out of touch. Americans need better health care, and if the ACA is repealed, and we have to start from scratch, better health care will never happen. We need the ACA now so that we can improve it later.

At my job, I have yearly reviews. Perhaps this concept is foreign to you. I have to show that I am competent, that I work well with others, and that I accomplish deliverables listed in my job description. If I am not meeting the standard, I get demoted, my pay gets reduced, and I get put on probation. If I continue to fail, I will get fired. You all are clearly ineffectual at your jobs, but unfortunately, we're stuck with you. I did not vote for you, but you still represent me and my family. So please, stop acting like a child. Urge your fellow representatives to stop acting like children as well. The ACA must be enacted, so help it work for Americans rather than destroying our faith in government."