Friday, September 3, 2010

backhanded compliments

The show last night went well. Hard to screw up too much in a 20-min set. Anyway, I was the first act, and the only solo artist of the night. As I'm walking offstage, one of the musicians for the next band says to me, "good job. It takes a lot of courage to do that, to get up there." 'Scuse me? That can only mean two things. One, you think I'm 12 and this is my first time on stage. Two, you think I made an ass of myself. I'm sticking with option #2 since I don't know too many 12-year-olds with a C cup and a mortgage. Here's how I felt about your set:
  • You guys have a really consistent sound.
  • I love how you're bringing back the best looks from Clueless.
  • You almost had that last note down. Keep it up.
  • It's so generous of your bandmates to let you play keys on some of the songs.
  • It's awesome that you guys are still playing out after all these years.
  • That haircut is so bold. I wouldn't have the guts for it.
  • That was very entertaining.

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