Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tonsure (kinda)

I'm getting all my hair cut off on Thursday. I've been growing it out for about 2 and a half years now so it's long enough for Locks of Love. Frankly, the only reason I was ever growing it out was to donate it. And it gave me an excuse to be cheap and not pay for salon services. As I've been telling people this, the general response has been, "WHY!? It looks so good!"

Okay. Rather than the self-flagellation and fishing for more compliments, I'm just gonna say I know. I know my hair's pretty good (when I actually decide to wash and style it). It's thick and a good natural color. It's wavy, which can make me look a little unruly because I don't put a lot of fake crap and silicone in it, but nonetheless, I'll agree that I have pretty good hair. I'll attribute it to my Polish heritage.

Having never intended to grow my hair out so it would be "pretty," I'm suddenly feeling myself struck with a little bit of vanity. I look kind of ridiculous with short hair. I look like I'm in the awkward tween phase again, and I haven't quite learned to control the things that extend outward from my body. This is the curse of the white girl wavy hair. Maggie Gyllenhaal is a pretty good example. Ugh. This is pretty much what the hair does. Yep.

Anyway, I've decided to turn this into an exercise in humility. It's not like I make money off my hair. Nobody is dependent on it looking perfectly coiffed. And honestly, it takes me like, an extra five minutes in the shower just to condition it. My shower drain is constantly clogged (and don't tell me to get a drain cover, I've already done that), and I go through tons of shampoo and styling products. I lose pens in it pretty frequently, and I've found like, three dreads in the last couple weeks. I haven't been willing to sacrifice much for appearances in my life; why start now? Thus, I'm going to offer it up, in an effort to quell pride. So...good bye hair. Hello being carded at the bar.

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