Thursday, April 7, 2011

pushin buttons

Mitch hates bumper stickers, so it's only natural that I would stick as many on our car as possible to annoy him and significantly decrease the trade-in value. Also, we own a Subaru, and I'm pretty sure it was on our loan papers that we had to fulfill some kind of bumper sticker quota if we were going to buy a hippie car.

Anyway, I've been kind of jealous of those people who have those family stickers on their back windows. You know, the ones with the stick figures of the happy skinny parents and kids in cheer leading uniforms and wheelchairs and whatnot? Why should we have to wait until we procreate to get one of those?!!! So I decided that I'm going to get Mitch one of those for his birthday. Tada!
Look how freaking skinny and drunk I am! Amazing. Plus, for some reason, they only had monster chickens, and I had to make Greta bigger than the rest of the other chickens because she's the HBIC, so she's colossal. Proportion is clearly not of concern to the car family stick figure sticker industry.

On another note, I've yet to see a family car sticker with two moms or two dads, though. One day...

P.S.--notice there's only ONE dog on the sticker!?!??!??!!

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