Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Ultrasound Day

Confession. This isn't even our baby. I figured it didn't matter because all babies look the same on an ultrasound picture. ALL of them. Although we did get a creepy photo of its face where it kind of looks like the Terminator or the Donnie Darko bunny.
The baby squiggled around the whole time, and made it very difficult for the sonographer to take pictures, but we did find out the gender today. Honestly, we were just excited that it's human (did I mention I dreamed it was a piglet?), that it seemingly has all its body parts, and that it's normal on every scale. Head circumference, length, weight. All good.

We're not sharing the gender until the birth for a couple of reasons. One, because what if they're wrong? They're never 100% sure unless they do a genetic test, and I've heard enough horror stories about parents getting ready for a certain gender, buying all pink or blue shit, and then getting a big old surprise when the baby comes out. We would like to avoid that inconvenience.

Second, we just decided that we want to keep some things to ourselves. We decided to keep the name and the gender a secret just so there's something to look forward to (other than the actual birth of the baby).

But really, I just get off on being withholding.

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  1. :) 1. i love arrested development...and
    2. i think it's awesome to keep things to yourself....very special. and congrats on it being a human!