Monday, August 27, 2012

i'm so excited

Okay so this weekend I had a minor Jessie Spano moment and baked four loaves of bread, three lasagnas and a pan of enchiladas to stick in the deep freeze. I'm pretty sure Mitch will starve after we have this baby, since I do all the cooking. I also bought a bunch of frozen pizzas and veggie burgers, since I can't be sure he'll bake a lasagna.

Getting prepared for Meatball has plateaued, so I think we're both searching for things to do to make us feel like we're making progress. But mostly I'm bored, and I'm trying to fill the void that would normally be consumed with drinking boxed wine. I've moved things back and forth from one shelf to another in the closet more times than I can count. I put little bottles of hand lotion by all the sinks in the house (note: two) because I'm positive our hands will chap from all the washing. All the little tiny baby clothes have been washed, folded and put away. The crib and stroller are assembled. We even have a car seat. But by far, my favorite has been wandering into the living room after wondering why it was so quiet in the house, and finding this:

courtesy of youtube
I have never been more attracted to this man than I was at that moment. Hands off, ladies. He's all mine.

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