Tuesday, May 25, 2010

the backup plan

I feel like I just set a precedent that will last for the rest of my marriage and probably spill over into my parenting skills, should that ever be a necessary skill set.

Mitch agreed to plan a picnic (scheduled for tonight) for our bible study group, and of course forgot, and now begins the scramble. The barrage of mass e-mails began yesterday, during which he instructed people to go to the wrong location, and sort of left people to their own devices which we know never helps anyone make decisions. Only one person offered to bring pie and pigs in a blanket. Anyway, being the enabler I am, I told him I was taking over, and now I find myself rushing home to cook chicken and egg salads, dig our old card games out of the basement, and reclaim the frisbees from our dogs. Sometimes I think he signs up for stuff knowing I'm the backup plan. He must know I love micromanaging.

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