Tuesday, December 21, 2010

No thank you.

I'm pretty green. I have a rain barrel and plant an organic heirloom garden and buy used clothes and whatnot. I have also gotten into the habit of printing on scrap paper at work. Typically, this does not cause me problems. Occasionally my boss shoots me side-eye when she notices there's a discarded Groupon on the back of an abstract I've handed her, but overall she doesn't mind. Unfortunately, I recently made the mistake of asking a coworker for a stack of her scrap paper when I ran out.

It wasn't until the committee meeting, after I had passed around a section of a manual I had been writing, that I noticed on the back of the last page was product information for lube from Pure Romance. "Product Resources: Silicone Based Lubricant," it shouts. The first line of the information saying something about vaginal health and lasting longer during love-making. Apparently, my coworker's "home-based business" is not so home-based. At least I know where to go if I need a strap-on.

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