Sunday, July 8, 2012

why hello there third trimester

28 weeks.
WHOA. Two belly pics two weeks in a row. I know. I must be out of my mind. I just didn't want to let the start of my third trimester pass without acknowledging it.

I have been feeling super spazzy about getting the nursery finished. I still have 12 weeks (supposedly), but I'm sooooooo impatient. I'm also feeling really picky about the things that we put in it, so picky plus impatient make for a lot of anxiety (poor Mitch). Thus far, we have accomplished painting and acquiring two (used) pieces of furniture.
I have approximately zero sentimental bones in my body, but my paternal grandfather made the changing table for me when I was a baby, and my maternal grandfather bought the rocking chair for my mom to put in my room. The stool came from St. Vincent's. Not so sentimental. Also cheap.

Most days, I find myself sitting in here at some point, thinking about what kind of parent I want to be. Mitch and baby Buster eventually join me.
This room has been one of the most neglected rooms in our house since we bought it five years ago. It was originally a guest room, which actually meant it got pretty regular traffic, what with all our drunk dinner guests, couch surfers, chicken sitters, and traveling friends. Then it was an office, which meant we avoided it like the plague. Then it was a guest room again. So mostly people other than us have spent time in here.

Sitting in here, I've realized that this is the best room from which to hear the chickens. The coop is right below the window, and the window is single pane. Greta likes to sound the alarm in the morning. I think she thinks she's a rooster. I like to think that our daughter will like waking up to the sound of chicken bellows and demands for food. Plus, we've already painted, and I think Mitch would divorce me if I ask him to move the coop. So she better like it.

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