Monday, September 10, 2012


At full term, our nursery is FINALLY finished. Well mostly. I'm always on the look out for tchatchkes and clutter to cram in it. But of course we think we have the cutest nursery ever. 

I know that everyone and their neighbor has that stupid felt owl basket from Target or The Container Store or Amazon or wherever, but my mom told me some terrible story about how all these kids in the '80s were horribly maimed by toy benches after they tried to get something out of it and the lids closed on their heads. So I bought an innocuous felt bucket with no lid or corners or pinchy hinges. I also feel the need to give credit to Emily at NVision for making the cushions for our rocking chair. Please go to Emily's store. It's really kick ass, and it will make you almost as hipster as wearing ridiculous bright blue glasses. Also, I must mention Isabell's Umbrella for the super cute prints on the wall, and Spoonflower for the fabric on the chair and the curtains (same as what I used on the mobile). And thanks to my mom for sewing the curtains because I am inept with a needle and thread, although I partly blame her for that, and I wonder if she never taught me to sew so that I would always need her for something. Just kidding. Love you mom.

I'm fully aware that this bookshelf is like, totally empty, but I'm sure Gran and Chief (my parents chosen grandparent names) will fill it with crap quickly enough.

Although you can't see it in the picture, the light switch is adorable and was painstakingly chosen from dozens, nay, hundreds, on etsy. The outlet covers all match, mostly because I thought, why not tempt my daughter to jam her fingers in the outlets in her room by putting cute birdies all over them?

I know I said it in another post, but my grandfather made this changing table for me when I was a baby, and I love having it our baby's room. And for the record, those clothes spilling out over the top of those bins? Just 0-3 month size. Thanks to all our prolific friends for having many babies and then cleaning out their basements.

Close up of the bird on a string. Another etsy purchase from Whirlwind Designs. Its wings flap really gracefully when you pull the string. We're hoping it's a little more stimulating than the ceiling fan.

Just because he's so damn cute. And to brag about the fact that we got that $75 skip hop crap flop tube top play gym for $19 from a second hand store.

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  1. Think of what a successful interior designer you could be if you were always in "nesting" mode. Looking good!